Release V22.0

  • 2 yrs ago


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v16.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 3/7/2022



  • Calculations: Rollup function has optional expression parameter to limit which child assets are included
  • Views modeling: New rule type to allow tags to be copied to another branch
  • Excel Add-in: Use selected tags in the tag search results listbox when building the tag list


  • MQTT Collector: Support for published JSON data over MQTT
  • CygNet Collector: Utilize IsActive flag on the PointRecord as part of tag validation


Bug Fixes


  • Desktop client theme change not working
  • Aggregate preference setting not always working
  • Preferences window display issues
  • TrendGraph interval in report is ignored and defaults to 1 hour
  • Adding a trend to embedded TrendGraph on touch device while in edit mode fails
  • TrendGraph cursor modes not working on touch device
  • TrendGraph does not export raw data from a Virtual View
  • TrendGraph export of data from a remote Historian View fails
  • TrendGraph export spanning DST will incorrectly shift the timestamps for some of the data
  • Adding tag to TrendGraph with quote (") character in the name causes Axiom to crash
  • Using Tab key on ADD TRENDS screen can cause the screen to display incorrectly
  • Views that contain a comma in their name cannot be used
  • Automated reports not allowing enough time for event table to load
  • Click and drag behavior of symbols is not consistent with other controls
  • SparkChart control does not display correctly when first placed on a screen
  • Setting the control color when multiple controls are selected not working
  • Event-based reports not displaying the correct screen asset when asset-based event is triggered


  • Annotation fails to save in database when there are many (> 500,000) unique strings already stored
  • Inserting data sometimes causing HDB files be taken offline
  • Inserting data with the StoreEveryTVQ setting enabled will sometimes cause a Historian crash
  • Inserting data in a hole between files causes an error
  • Calculations: Fails to start with an exception if an expression is empty
  • Excel Add-in: The Views Excel Add-in license is not properly released when a data read error occurs


  • SQL Collector: Handle bigint (long) data type for auto increment key


  • OPC Collector: Session group is removed if you copy a tag and "Paste New" into the same group then try to edit the original tag
  • OPC Collector: The Group tab does not update the data values when logging data
  • Axiom: Adding ANONYMOUS LOGON to the Axiom deny list will break anonymous logon and the setting cannot be changed
  • Historian: DataSet configuration screen works poorly when there are many configured DataSets
  • Historian: File recovery can get stuck at Stage 4 and never complete
  • Views: Virtual views do not display values for tags that contain a \. within their name
  • Views: When creating a new view, the drop-down list for Source Views only displays sources that are visible on the screen
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