Release V23.1

  • 7 mths ago


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v17.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 10/9/2023

SHA384 : 2C91A19291E25CA283E627125AA4164C1A4CD322F7214E32BB7F2691A43B59E5FF7A9667F1302B888F143CA57BCA4FFA
SHA256 : C64B25C4B9C630B360082A1023F218506E6AA82A4B465492E340F184F4FC76D2
SHA512 : 9B9FA48F39951F40FC6813C30151470866FC279475CECCEA5AA02719879C2D72823426B14917092D5DF4BC87FC5E26C7AABD5F8597E337847FB623F0BC549A99
SHA1 : B40F74550E2369BB77239943A63B776017357DB6



  • Views: Added optional parameters to getLastValue web API call to allow ignoring time extension values and ignoring bad or non-good values
  • Views: Updated getTagData/getTagData2 web API calls to allow start and end times to be optional


  • OPC Collector: For path based browsing, option to schedule an automatic browse of tags to update the logging during runtime
  • OPC Collector: For path based browsing when automatic browsing is enabled, added an option to automatically sync Historian tags with configured tags by obsoleting tags in the Historian destination DataSet that no longer exist in the logging configuration


  • OPC Collector: For path based logging, option to manually browse a specified path, apply the filters and write the results of the browse to a CSV file
  • OPC Collector: For path based logging, option to manually browse a specified path, apply the filters and store the results of the browse to the session configuration so they will take affect the next time logging is started
  • Admin: Added ability to find a certificate using FindByTemplateName

Bug Fixes


  • Reports not generated when a trend graph is in an invisible panel
  • Generates an exception error when trying to duplicate a data table
  • Fails when loaded into multiple iframes within a page


  • Inserting values when all data is in reverse order and out of sequence can cause a value to fail to store
  • Views: getTagData web API call does not always work correctly with continuation point
  • ODBC: SELECT query for TagsTable returns an error if the results of the other_props field exceeds 1024 characters for one or more tags


  • Exporting a large number of messages from the message log to pdf can cause the Admin client to timeout the export
  • Historian: Fails to obsolete tags from a remote historian when the taglist to obsolete is large
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