Release V19.1.0

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows 10, Pro

InstallShield 2018, Version 24 SP1
Released on 10/18/2019

Feature Additions


Updated existing Grid asset row template functionality to create rows based on the tags
for a given asset type.

Advanced banding capabilities to show linked bands, turn bands off/on and set bands for
discrete tags smaller than analog tags.

Added filtering to Assets based on meta data.

Changed login to preserve the server field when changing credential method.

Added ability to send messages back to the Axiom Core.

Added "Windows Credentials" authentication from Desktop client.

Optimized Axiom application script cache for faster load times.

Added indication of an empty grid on the application screen.

Added ValueTransform feature to allow writing simple expressions to change source tag values
without writing script.

Tooltip shows source tag when hovering over controls with a source tag.

Double clicking a control with a source tag opens a new instance with tag in an Axiom chart.

Added variable number of limits with color parameter to controls with source tags.

Added navigation functionality to buttons and labels to load other applications or charts.

Added code to prevent attributes from being returned to the Core when initializing since we are
receiving the attributes from the Core and it already knows about them.

Made Axiom Menu bars invisible during printing.

Added support for command lines in Axiom Desktop.

Allowed playback to manipulate spark charts.

Improved drawing/style updates to gauges.

Allow user to set TVQ value of control in scripting without assigning a source tag if the TVQ
quality is Good.

ListBox, TextBox, and DateTime Picker were removed from user control list.

ValueBox quality changed to display readable Quality in place of number.


Historian Changes

Created a new Calculation engine within the Canary Admin capable of stored functions,
asset aware, backfill capable, and optional triggers.

Added ModelGetTypeTags method to return the superset of tags for an asset type.

Added Receiver proxy to the service that could buffer & forward logging data on to another
receiver or proxy service.

New aggregates available in Views service, DeltaTotalCount, CountInStateZero and

Added support to Views for GET requests, URL encoded content type along with application/JSON
for passing request parameters in URL for GET requests, passing UserToken in authorization header
and support for PowerBI and Excel PowerQurery.

Added scroll bar to Events configuration page.

Optimized performance when editing a model with a large amount of assets (>6,000).

Moved the Web API continuation code to avoid null reference exception.

Web API browseNodes received check to prevent null reference exception.



Multiple MQTT Collector additions:
   -Add table to track tags added via MQTT by subscription. Split into datasets by count. (optimize for
   number of tags)

   -Add a setting for number of tags to split datasets on (keep this on a per subscription basis).
   Default to 25K

   -Add DataSet prefix to subscription table for auto creating DataSets using an auto-incrementing ID

   -Add table for global properties to be added to each tag by subscription

   -Add inspection mode to collector that will dump the tag names to a text file that includes what will
   be included AND what is excluded as well

   -Add parameter to truncate tag branches

   -Implement primary application for buffering on Cirrus transmission module

   -Added discovery mode to collector that will populate tag table, but not log data (for inspecting the
   tags prior to logging)

Created SQL Collector tile in Canary Admin for configuration, Status and Control.

Collectors maintain a property cache so that only property value changes can be sent.

Add ability for the CSV import to create Eng Unit property for each tag.

Created CSV Collector tile in Canary Admin for Status and Control.

Optimized CSV Property import when used with large file/DataSets.


Bug Fixes


Axiom Desktop received a fix for the Automated Report screen staying open after adding or updating a report job.

Clear the annotation on trends when an Asset instance is switched.

Fixed bugs for negative scale formatting.

Added support for old behavior of timespan picker (1d) as opposed to new behavior (d1).

Try to reconnect Axiom WebSocket when connection is lost for next 1 minute. Show message
trying to reconnect and allow user to cancel.

Fixed spark chart color not working correctly.

Fixed Axiom session time out after and Automated Report completes.

Corrected the baseURL being stored with the Automated Report when running the Desktop client.

Fix when entering LiveMode where tag is not logging will scroll to newest data even when scrolled past the data.

Fixed Axiom Asset selection wizard when there is only a single instance to choose.

Fix for desktop positioning when monitors have different resolutions and zoom factors.

AutoScale updated to no longer change in Live Mode when the tag values have not changed.

Playback mode was carried over between applications if it was running when switching applications. Added code to remove referenced callback functions.

Fixed "AssetInstance" parameter in URL to change asset instance on the screen when first loading
an application.

Fixed the date format when running in locales different from US.

Backward compatibility issues resolved for applications that used script to call old methods
or properties.

Fixed source tags picker from selecting multiple tags for a control.

Color picker wasn't hiding when user clicked on a different control.

Hidden trends were being excluded from the tag list options for a variable limit in the EditTrends dialog.

Value Transform control was not being kept in memory correctly.



Adjusted the Event service to not monitor an expression if an asset instance does not contain all the tags.

Correct multiple issues in Virtual Views model rebuild logic

   -Ensure Analyze method called when rebuilding
   -Move child node caching to task based processing to increase speed of Historian DataSet caching
   -Ensure View name to be queued doesn't already exist in the queue
   -Rework tag pattern processing to make logic much faster
   -Additional logging messages to see when DataSets cached and what source triggered a rebuild

Fixed problem with Excel Addin with cultural specific list delimiters.

Manual Data Entry received a fix for a Null reference exception with add/create buttons as well as a fix for the apply button when adding tags and fixed not shutting down properly.

Historian fix for file being taken offline due to inserts causing a TrendVector split and the
TagKey is already full.

Historian fix for rollup or file with empty annotations.

Tag used in Event properties doesn't change when backfill duration is set to zero.



MQTT Collector NullReferenceException bug fix.

Fixed logic to resolve and auto rename duplicate tag names when using CSV Import.

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