Release V23.2.1

  • 3 mths ago


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v17.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 2/5/2024

If .NET Framework 4.7.1 or greater is not present on the system, it must be installed prior to installation.

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SHA384 : EEFB400A871E34A9ACF4BDE6CB64754D7BBCCCBC1410E3B6FB87B887A3CCB73F04B9456FA7BDDE3742D453E88734E73D
SHA256 : 9045C5A16CC5359C0862D34EC76C314A37ADD7B6F27AF1AF2F4B8360CBD61442
SHA512 : 0268010097998B9B5B756EEB9C2F38CB6112BEE2E3BEB87DEC07331D7A794FC009A739E99EBE445F580D6E70FA203A46325E4956EBE39EABF3F48E79B1C7F7BC
SHA1 : B2E9E18765B3A45E46E0C9F26D45ACB5749ADAA8



  • Publisher: Update Filter Views Time Extension tooltip to indicate default state is true

Bug Fixes


  • Views: External properties not working correctly through the LiveData API. This affects Axiom display of external properties.
  • Views: External properties not working correctly with GetTagContext API calls. This affects the use of the filter in Axiom Asset Template and Grid controls.
  • Views: When timezone not specified when getting userToken in Web API, timezone is not set to UTC time
  • Views: timezone not applied when passed in getTagData, getTagData2 call in Web API
  • Views: Cannot connect Views to a remote Historian secure gRPC endpoint unless the Historian certificate is valid
  • Views: Not always returning all tags for Virtual View calls with getAssetTypeTags with a large number of tags
  • Views: getAnnotations call in Web API for Virtual View tags causes Historian Reader Interface messages because the interface is not closed
  • Views: A Historian view can re-cache much more frequently than it should causing memory consumption by Views
  • Views: Linked Tags can get into an infinite loop without returning data under certain conditions
  • Calculations: Using a large relative aggregate interval fails to get past the DST time change


  • SQL: Multiple connections are created if the user runs a test connection before hitting Apply/Cancel
  • SQL: French region decimal separator is converting wrong
  • MQTT: Copying the MQTTCollector.sqlite database from one computer to another does not work correctly


  • Calculations: Unable to remove Meta data from a calculation
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