Release V20.2.1

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows Server2019 Standard

MSBuild v16.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 07/17/2020


Patch For Previous V20.2.0 Release That Features The Following Bug Fixes


Events: fixed issue with Axiom Automated Reporting sending emails for disabled Events when using MSSQL database

Events: fixed issue with duplicate events when service is disconnected from Views

Historian: fixed bug with long log message causing Historian to crash

Sender: fixed bug with Web API /noData method applying 'NoData' to all tags in session instead of only tags listed in request

Views: fixed issue with DeltaTotalCount aggregate returning partial value when encountering bad qualities in data stream

Views: reverted breaking API change to GetTagList function made in 20.2.0

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