Release V20.0.0

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows 10, Pro

InstallShield 2018, Version 24 SP1
Released on 02/06/2020

Feature Additions


Added print functionality to the desktop client for instant image reporting.

Added refresh time to AssetTemplate and Grid asset mode.

Caret (^) is now used as a bitwise operator and not a power operator when creating Axiom calculated trends. Use the Pow() function to give correct information.

Automated Reports now hide UI screen to show captured screenshot.



Included Canary Web API for the Views Service as an unlicensed part of the Canary System.

New service to push live data through websockets for 3rd party clients like ESRI. Currently manual setup.

Added an interface template (IQueueFunction) within the Calculation Server to create and validate new queue functions. Then, changed Property and AssetInstanceCount functions, as well as the Rollup function to use the new function template.

Calculation Server's validation process optimized when dealing with a large number of tags in an equation.

New optional parameter to the Views web API to return bounding values for raw data calls.

Added computer name to email messages sent from the Admin.


Bug Fixes


Fixed Event trends showing incorrect timestamp of event.

Fixed setting the trend display name to the "Description".

Fixed to prevent the "Esc" key from closing an application or chart.

Fixed continuous screen redraw causing Axiom to flash.

Fixed renaming an Axiom application not updating the title.

Automated Reports was updated to fix when the deletion of a report schedule caused an "Object Reference" error.

All gauge values were being converted to a string to pass to the client using the culture
settings of the Axiom service rather than the culture settings of the client.



Excel Add-In: Fixed "Find Events" function adding duplicate properties to the edit pane when opened with a function in the selected cell.

Calculation: Fixed occasional user interface lockup if there was a large rollup expression running.

API: Prevent exception being thrown when API request made for non existent tag in a MergedView.

Canary Admin: Fixed add/remove remote historian in the Views configuration.

Fix to allow both "high scale", "low scale" and "Default High Scale", "Default Low Scale" to work in the Historian.Needed to show the high/low scale properties in Trend Link.



Fix to the WITSML Collector sending properties too frequently.  This caused the Historian to report the DataSet as changed and triggering model rebuilds.

Fixed exception in API Collector by accounting for devices dropping out of the master list.

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