Release V22.3.2

  • updated 9 mths ago


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v17.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 4/24/2023

CRC-32: 00973f09
MD4: 14ba9d9e67f1f1019e03e1e85b1b7957
MD5: 9ff3d4a1b1cf16a58272ba61ad632cda
SHA-1: ade8429b2b24f740a1f3c9e14492183784cfed20

Bug Fixes


  • The self-signed certificate that Canary automatically generates after the initial installation is no longer compatible with chromium based browsers
  • Reports with undefined tags are shown in an "Error" state instead of "Undefined"
  • Reports fail to send if a control embedded in the application is not linked to a sourceTag
  • Reports being orphaned (become invisible to the users) after upgrade to 22.3 or 22.3.1 (This can create potential flood of reports when upgrading. See resolution.)
  • Cannot login if using the UTC time zone for your local (browser) time zone
  • Trending does not work correctly when trending tags with Boolean value
  • User's preferences, such as timezone, are ignored when the login username is in the form of an email address


  • Views: getTagData2 will not return any data if there is at least one tag with a bad path or user has no access to tag
  • Views: getTagData/getTagData2 do not return continuation if call is using an aggregate and contains an invalid tag
  • Views: getLiveData call is not checking security before returning data


  • SQL Collector: Updating property values without modifying the value timestamp fails to store the property value in the Historian
  • SQL Collector: When seeding the Historian, the data in the daily HDB files does not always match the date of the filename
  • Logger: Crash can happen when trace/debug logging is turned on to capture DA logging
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