Release V20.2.0

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows Server2019 Standard

MSBuild v16.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 07/01/2020




Consolidated 7 installers into 1 with new styling.

Modified service and program names for consistency.



Added ability to hyperlink to external site from controls that feature a navigate property



Administrator: automatically refresh model properties panel without closing/opening views tile

Administrator: improvements to Calculation Service user interface in the way assets are presented and operated on

Administrator: added mechanism to rename virtual view

Calculations: added option to remove calculated tag data when a calculation is removed

Calculations: added option to user interface to select number of asset branches to preserve an output tag

Calculations: added 'ResettingAnchoredInterval' function to calculation service. Function provides ability to aggregate (accumulate or average) over a period of time using a start time and then reset when hitting the end of the interval. Useful for typical KPIs such as daily run hours or accumulated daily volumes, etc...

Calculations: added 'DurationSinceLastTVQ' function to return the time (in milliseconds) since the last tvq for a particular tag

Calculations: added basic export/import functionality

Calculations: added 'TagIfExists' function to get a tag's value only if it exists. Includes a fallback expression if it doesn't.

CSV Collector: enhance engineering unit replace functionality for instances where engineering units are not part of the tag name in the import

Diagnostic Health System: provides centralized logging of diagnostic data from 2 or more Canary servers

Excel Add-In: added Set button next to start trigger expression in Adhoc Events to reference a cell

Excel Add-In: Moved settings file from Program Files folder to user folder

ODBC Service: upgraded third party dependencies

Publishing Service: Provides publishing of views data via 2 options, MQTT Sparkplug B and JSON over Websockets

Publishing Service, SparkplugB over MQTT3.1.1

Supports publishing tag values from the Canary Views service

Supports compression via GZIP or DEFLATE algorithms

Durable stream option for using the historian to store and forward Views data should the service become disconnected from the MQTT broker

Supports multipleservers for high availability MQTT infrastructure

Supports primary hostid for auto detection of host online/offline state for publishing

Publishing Service, JSON over WebSockets

Supports latest tag values

Can map asset name, tag TVQs (timestamps, value, or quality), and tag properties to a JSON structure.

JSON fields can be configured

Structure is published anytime a mapped tag value changes.

Views: improved views startup time

Views: improved automatic rebuild process

Views: added optimization to prevent model rebuilds if property values do not change

Views: added ability in model builder to trace tag through the list of rules. This aids in troubleshooting modeling rules

Views Model Plugin: Views can now be built upon multiple source Views. Prior versions only support a single source view

Views Model Plugin: added tag count property to root node



VT Scada Collector: minor improvements

OPC Collector: detect array values received from the OPC UA server and skip values to allow logging of other tags to continue

OPC Collector: detect illegal timestamps for the OPC UA server and skip values to allow logging of other tags to continue

MQTT Collector: Sort multiple values for a single tag in a single message to prevent data inserts into the Historian database


Bug Fixes


Fixed ValueBox not updating when using intervals > 7 days

Fixed Spark chart duplicates in Asset Template control

Fixed control naming conflicts when creating 2 or more Asset Templates in an application

Fixed Fallback function not replacing 'NoData' values correctly

Fixed Trends in Trend Graph not connecting to data when asset instance is changed with non-existant tags



Administrator: fixed SQL Collector incompatible with remote admin clients

Calculations: fixed incorrect data for live mode calculations where trigger interval is less than the rate of change for tag values

Calculations: fixed test evaluation showing previous value to that which is stored in the historian

Calculations: fixed test evaluation not displaying an error for aggregate using a tag that doesn't exist

Calculations: fixed having to click twice to select any UI element used to edit an individual expression

Calculations: fixed backfill outputting incorrect data with 2 tags with extreme differences in change rates and slower tag is chosen as value change trigger

Calculations: modified property function to return an object instead of a string to permit arithmetic operations on property values

Calculations: fixed infrequent server crash when becoming disconnected from the Views service

Calculations: fixed fatal KeyNotFoundException when interaction to the Views service timed out

Calculations: fixed Rollup function not treating subsets of 0xC0 qualities as good

Calculations: fixed issue with tag path.property name matching actual tag path

Calculations: fixed error when calculating values and a model rebuild happens at the same time

Excel Add-In: fixed timeout with ValueAt function processing hundreds of tags

Excel Add-In: fixed raw data function not returning most recent value when end time is now

Excel Add-In: processed data function not correctly processing 24:00:00 as an interval

Excel Add-In: fixed bug with tags with no data in the historian causing errors in Excel

Historian: fixed issue with Trend Link unable to read high and low scale properties from the historian

Historian: fixed crash caused by client monitoring live data changes while data is inserted near the end of the current file

Views: prevent rebuild of a DataSet when a model database mapping table references a tag that no longer exists

Views: fixed fatal exception when failing to connect to MSSQL database to load properties

Views: fixed intermittent issue causing all models to rebuild unnecessarily

Views: fixed bug with SQL import throwing exception with duplicate properties

Views Model Plugin: fixed NullReferenceException when getting tag contexts if one or more of the tags didn't exist

Views Model Plugin: fixed models sometimes not getting rebuilt when a source DataSet changed

Messages: fixed issue with messages being logged when Canary base path is modified



CSV Collector: fixed 'NoData' values parameter only working for string values

OPC Collector: Fixed bug with collector not receiving data changes from UA Server when absolute deadband is enabled

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