Release V19.0.2

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows 10, Pro

InstallShield 2018, Version 24 SP1
Released on 8/7/2019

Feature Additions


Updated timeout logic. Now configurable in Settings.Global["response_timeout"].

Change heartbeat to use ping instead of keepAlive. This should stop false alarms of lost

Add more error catching inside of the asynchronous method that sends messages to make
sure all exceptions are caught in the current scope.



Reworked algorithm to determine font size on dynamic tiles in Canary Admin.

Account for null value when no data returned thru raw ODBC call.


Bug Fixes


Fix for Axiom licenses not being released in certain cases.

Fix for edit script save and apply not working when saving the script.

Fix to Axiom Desktop to shift focus to parent window when that window's child window is



Fix to the Sender to decompress data stored while the Historian is doing a file rollover.

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