Release V19.1.1

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows 10, Pro

InstallShield 2018, Version 24 SP1
Released on 10/30/2019

Feature Additions


Calculation Service improved for tag list control.

Calculation Service received updates that changed the tag / function / operator control to add items at the caret (^) position in the expression.    

Improved load time of tags to allow Calculation UI to load immediately.



Implemented logic in the SQL Collector to automatically create new DataSets when the current one reaches a defined capacity.


Bug Fixes


Fix for "Lost Connection" in WebSocket when pushing updates back to client from core.

Resolved drawing issue of a tag with a larger aggregate interval when scrolling back in time.

Corrected Asset switching logic to detect if a child panel may have already been processed
and bypass when processing the parent.

Fixed continuous scroll stopping while holding the arrow key.

Axiom Asset function was not working properly; needed to add code to stop property changes from being sent to the client when the asset trends are added.

Fix push notification of authenticated users.

Fixed the Asset Template filter resetting page even though the page had not changed.



Sender Service updated to detect correct error status code due to BadSessionTokenException.

Multiple fixes to Calculation Service, including:

   -Fixed error in calculations that have tag names with special characters    
   -Property function now displays an error if the tag name is invalid    
   -Fixed bug where a communication fault with the Views service wouldn't always retry the connection    
   -Tag names inside of aggregate functions can now be enclosed in brackets. So '[tagName]' is now valid,
    whereas before only 'tagName' would work    
   -Fixed time spans specified in the hh:mm:ss or hh:mm format with hours >= 24. Previously, 24:00 would
    evaluate to 24 days instead of the expected 24 hours    
   -Fixed bug where test evaluations wouldn't work for aggregates or for calculations with trigger intervals
   -Fixed issues with copying expression groups
   -Fixed bug where stopping a rollup calculation would sometimes result in an error

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