Release V20.1.0

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows 10, Pro

InstallShield 2018, Version 24 SP1
Released on 03/20/2020

Feature Additions

Specifically adjusted trending of Boolean tags to draw using the StartBound aggregate and automatically set scales to 0 and 1 with no intermediate tick marks.


Changed Views Web API license to allow 25 connections without requiring any licensing.

Calculation Service now supports dependencies between calculations.

Calculation Service supports the release of Sender sessions if all calculations are stopped.

Increased the Calculation Service's fault tolerance with connection to the Views Service.

Canary Admin fatal messages now include the server name.

Limited the ability to write data to the {Diagnostics} DataSet.

Increased the Events Service's fault tolerance with connection to the Views Service.

In the Calculation Service, LastEvaluationTook and TotalEvaluationTime from the expression group status information was removed.



MQTT Collector now supports server groups for multiple MQTT Broker high availability infrastructure.

Bug Fixes


Fixed Axiom reports only showing the "Open Chart" menu.

Fixed right handle not resizing an application

Fixed scale not adjusting for Booleans

Fixed Asset Template source tag picker UI not readable with long source tag paths

Fixed gauge causes null reference exception for no data or bad quality values



Fixed issue with Calculation Service status info not resetting when disconnected from Views Service.

Fixed issue with Calculation Service disconnecting from Views Service if there are no active calculations.

Fixed Excel Add-In: difficulty reading panes with certain Office themes.

Fixed Calculation Service: issue with adding additional output to expression causing all tags to backfill.

Fixed Calculation Service: IF statements not evaluating when large literal decimals are used in the expression.

Fixed Calculation Service: test evaluation causing NullReferenceException.

Fixed Events Service bug: an event with no source and a tag with no period in the expression was causing service to crash.

Fixed error with adding / removing a remote Historian in the Admin.

Fixed cryptography exception when configuring external properties from an Admin on one machine to an Admin Service on a second machine.

Fixed Canary Admin fatal error when underlying .png files are removed from the system.

Fixed issue with some Canary services removing duplicate certificates.



Sender Service bug addressed that was causing service to lock up and stop processing data.

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