Release V22.3

  • updated 9 mths ago


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v16.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 12/19/2022
CRC-32: 4dccb782
MD4: 9786c4b1c20dd356f72eb48c2588a520
MD5: 8981ce38ea52b378e3b0c9c6090cf955
SHA-1: b1ff1805f6e31f954d1f99f903943518880538fc



  • Validate email addresses for proper syntax when configuring report
  • Support for running Axiom behind a load balancer


  • Publisher: Ability to publish JSON format data over MQTT


  • CSV Collector: Expand options for creating tag name with multiple branches
  • Logger: Add a registry setting to disable use of the IOPCShutdown ConnectionPoint interface


Bug Fixes


  • TrendGraph controls does not display the correct number of digits for values when the FORMAT Digits is set to zero
  • SAML RelayState parameter is not processed correctly so parameters passed to Axiom through the URL are lost
  • Source calculation throws an error whenever the input to a calculated control returns an empty value using aggregated values
  • When loading applications that were saved before version 22.2, the Source property does not show the SourceTag value in the editor until a browser refresh


  • Views/Calculations: DeltaBounds and other aggregates can truncate precision when raw values are different data types
  • Calculations: Endbound aggregate sometimes outputting a NoData when value is slow changing
  • ODBC: Null property value returns no records when properties are configured in an external database


  • Historian: Unable to rename or obsolete tag names that begin with a space character
  • Historian: DataSet alerting does not work when Historian.ini configured in unexpected way
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