Release V23.0.1

  • 8 mths ago


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v17.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 9/11/2023

SHA384 : E1E71F6ABE203C6BFCD02CEFF5B33AA09A3459E2BB085C934DFBB5DD5B497F7E26075BFD7FF7A65A10B80446B2179DD7
SHA256 : 21EDC51F20A1977EB83DF8050DF720532CCC8B651AF4A636F747CACD54C8DDF9
SHA512 : 8B9649A2819666156C35C0F0C204C24663CABBF49970125C81ACD8EAD2616655828BA53B5477E202C542EA39603270B053FC15230AA00A25897C6DAE9737F886
SHA1 : F3A3541E773FA28DFEDF5D0AF277A9A32C462596



  • Remember the scroll position in the screen tab scroll bar when there are many screens in an application
  • Reports: Embed the URL of the Axiom application/chart in the automated report email along with the URL of the screenshot


  • Views: Improvements to Views analytics database performance and structure
  • Publisher: Add durable stream option for JSON/MQTT and Websocket connection types

Bug Fixes


  • Does not allow selection of all screens in the NavigateSource property of Buttons/Labels/Asset Labels when there are many screens in the application


  • Creating a DataSet with a comma in the name does not work correctly in all use cases because this is not supported
  • Can crash when a large numbers of values are being inserted into one file
  • A small multi-threaded race condition can rarely cause the Historian to crash
  • Views: v2 API getTagData and getTagData2 calls for raw data with no timestamps specified does not return an array
  • Views: Modeling Asset Definition Required property not correctly filtering out assets when they are discovered in a dynamic asset rule


  • OPC Collector: Failing to start when multiple certificates with the same thumbprint exist in the My or Root stores
  • OPC Collector: Password field getting cleared after UA server browse
  • OPC Collector: In path based logging, the DataSet prefix field is allowed to be blank
  • OPC Collector: In path based logging, duplicate tags are not taken care of across groups in a session
  • OPC Collector: In path based logging, connection error messages are not logged if previous connection error messages have been logged for a session
  • OPC Collector: In path based logging, session settings should include Normalize Timestamps checkbox in the UI
  • OPC Collector: In tag based logging, unable to set deadband type to Percent
  • CygNet Collector: Unable to pull Point related attributes due to casing differences across CygNet systems
  • Sender API: Documentation for fileRollOver and createNewFile is inaccurate
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