Release V23.2

  • updated 3 mths ago


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v17.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 12/4/2023

If .NET Framework 4.7.1 or greater is not present on the system, it must be installed prior to installation.

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SHA384 : D0660E06600854A798816DB8254CE6734AE991F3509D80E790CB331009017024F860F22F9BCB683FA4B6A935042BC109
SHA256 : 07DEF38282BC80B6F9CD8EBD37BA70DB9FC2FB775A33A1A3926C5ABF14B20DAA
SHA512 : 8E7745277A02347EEFB07A0E30E42BE2527B1290036930D4E9010D46E4559F3C7A12C73B5EB95E0D1ABEA21620111CCD03DA1BF48B56C39875291BF54088520A
SHA1 : 639D082C4C6EA79A7CC85B0CAFC1A209A84FBA36



  • When recovering an hdb2 file, use the file name as the internal creation time to improve robustness of recovering files from a different Historian
  • Views: Added ability to link multiple tags together into one data stream
  • Views: Added ability to refresh analytics on demand from the View Options menu
  • Calculations: Improved error messaging when an exception occurs during the evaluation of an expression


  • SQL Collector: Require users to confirm their decision when adding/removing connections


  • Admin: Help (?) icon now launches a dialog with a link to the Canary Help Center. The previous help information can still be found here: C:\Program Files\Canary\Canary Admin\Resources\Canary_Help.chm


  • Include only one screen in report on an application that contains multiple screens to avoid it from timing out

Bug Fixes


  • Reports: Automated Reports throw error when an embedded chart contains tags that do not exist
  • Reports: Reports fail to run when components reference invalid host, View or DataSet name
  • Application loading on wrong screen when browser is refreshed
  • Application delete screen not working


  • Views: getTagData2 API call only returning 1000 tags if useTimeExtension parameter is false
  • Publisher: Publisher publishes the initial time-extension of a tag when running in Durable Stream mode
  • Calculations: DeltaTotalCount aggregate throws an error when returning a value that exceeds the limit of the original tag's datatype
  • Calculations: Delta aggregate with unsigned input data can fail with an exception


  • OPC Collector: Added scroll bar at the top of the screen when there are large amounts of sessions/groups. Session and group names now wrap if they are too long.
  • OPC Collector: Start all sessions feature does not start all sessions
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