Release V19.2.0

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Built on Windows 10, Pro

InstallShield 2018, Version 24 SP1
Released on 12/19/2019

Feature Additions


URL Parameter now supports 'inactiveTimeout' which can be configured to release the session based on a predefined time period without any user interaction.

Added a thumbnail in the email notification for new reports.

Automated Reports can now run based an Event trigger.



Disk space limits now generate a warning message at 2 GB and discard new data when space is below 1 GB.

Now allows an empty string value to pass thru to Historian instead of treating as null.

Added protection of Views Service from null reference in NotifyNodeChanged functions.

Calculation Server received a new interface update method that checks to be sure we have the most up to date data for an interval regardless of whether or not we have new data after the interval.

Added ability for Virtual Views RegEx rules engine to allow a tag to appear in multiple locations.

Added ability in Canary Admin to manually rebuild merged/model views without needing to restart Views Service.

Reduce Views memory use by only storing properties in the original view.

Asset based Calculation Server calculations now process live data in their own thread.

Changed the individual Canary Admin tiles to display error counts consistent with Messages.



MQTT Collector now checks for the existence of a tag before adding during births. Additionally added option to 'Auto include' or 'Auto exclude'. Also updates to tags published vs. tags logging on overview.

MQTT Collector had Regex filters changed to only apply on birth not every publish.

Added subscription tags Boolean field for the MQTT Collector.

OPC UA Collector's UI optimized for large tag counts (10K+).

WITSML Collector can now support multiple connections.


Bug Fixes


Fixed timeout with Assets while building a screen.

Fix for Asset instance not being passed through navigation when Asset Template only contained one page.



Calculation Server fix to handle unusable tags placed in the trigger tag field, fix for duplicate expressions not evaluating second expression, and a fix for random crash while viewing calculation tile. Also changed where invalid an View would disconnect from the Views Service and added fix to backfill evaluations stopping and limit property change checks to once per hour.

Fixed potential deadlock issue when rolling up files.

Views WebAPI received a fix for getTagData not showing error for non-existent tags in the error array or report the status code as error as happens when calling for raw or processed data.



OPC UA Collector received fixes for the configuration view displaying tag duplication, logging start/stop causing a flag to be set true, and for more than 15 groups causing the Admin to crash.

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