Release V21.5


Built on Windows Server 2019 Standard

MSBuild v16.0

MSI: Wix v1.14.2
Released on: 1/13/2022



  • Calculations: Detect when calculated tags are added or removed from any view so calculations can react appropriately
  • Calculations: Allow Rollup function to be used in in the same calculation as other expression item


  • CygNet Collector: Update to use the CygNet 9.5 version library
  • CygNet Collector: Allow option to enable data extension in the Historian for the logging tags
  • CygNet Collector: Support for new parameters
  • CygNet Collector: Additional debug messaging
  • CygNet Collector: Support faster start-up times for hosted CygNet instances which perform very poorly
  • MQTT Collector: Allow tag values with no timestamp to use the message timestamp as a fallback
  • VT Scada Collector: Add polling configuration parameters


  • OPC Collector: Tag filtering can be too slow when there are many tags in the logging session
  • Historian: Show message when tag property deletion is completed successfully
  • Calculations: Allow tags and functions to be inserted from Tags and Functions lists into the quality expression
  • Calculations: Filter the tags in the Tags list based on the Asset Path
  • Calculations: Show tool tips for the event related fields in the Calculation Group tab
  • Calculations: Change Functions list filter to filter based on function names but not function descriptions
  • Calculations: Removed unused settings
  • Views: Allow asset types to be dynamically discovered by using regex replacements for Asset Type

Bug Fixes


  • Changes made to screen during EventTimer callback do not notify screen
  • Asset Template Boolean sorting does not work


  • Historian: Crash when processing a gRPC request
  • Historian: Live mode data is returned incorrectly for tags that have data extension turned on but the data is logged in bursts with multiple minutes between bursts of data
  • Calculations: The Switch function does not work for all datatypes
  • Calculations: Rollup function won't backfill if one of the tags being rolled up doesn't have data at or before the backfill start time
  • Calculations: Some evaluations can be missed if backfilling a value change calculation with two tags that change at different rates
  • Views: External properties not detecting when new DataSet added to monitored SQL table
  • Excel Add-in: Does not return timestamp column when the first tag in the list does not exist
  • Excel Add-in: Index out of range error when using "Consolidate duplicate rows" with processed data
  • Excel Add-in: Replaces parameter fields with "CanaryProps" in the UI after rerunning the Adhoc Events function
  • Publisher: Remove unneeded Properties checkbox for MQTT type connection
  • ODBC: Queries that do not have a space character in front of the "where" clause log an incorrect warning message
  • ODBC: Service sometimes accumulates excessive memory


  • CygNet Collector: Correct live data lag
  • CygNet Collector: Tags from the AdditionalTags table aren't collecting data for facilities not in main FAC service
  • SQL Collector: Issues when editing configuration and when delete statement fails


  • Canary Admin client: Not showing red connection error banner
  • OPC Collector: Removing tags from UA session configuration can cause the Canary Admin to crash
  • OPC Collector: Canary Admin freezes when adding around 2000 tags to a UA session
  • Historian: Misaligned text in DataSet tile when window scales up/down
  • Calculations: The date/times in the Status page grid are displaying as GMT timezone
  • Calculations: "EventDuration" shows up in the value change tag selection box
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