Label Control (version 23)


  • Name - a unique name used to reference the control in script *
  • SourceTag - opens the 'ADD TRENDS' menu to link the control to a tag. The 'Text' field will then display the full tag path.
  • SourceTagBranchCount - the number of branches displayed in the label counting from the right if linking the label to a SourceTag
  • FontSize - Small, Normal, Large, Extra Large
  • HorizontalAlignment - sets the horizontal alignment of the text within the control: Left, Center, Right
  • IsVisible - a checkbox to show or hide the control
  • NavigateSource - navigates to another application, chart, screen (if the current application contains multiple screens), or url when clicked
  • NavigateTarget - used in conjunction with 'NavigateSource', determines if the 'CurrentWindow' or a 'NewWindow' should be used when navigating to a new source
  • Rotate - rotates the label by x degrees
  • Text - sets the text value of the label
  • Width - the width of the control in pixels
  • X - the horizontal coordinate of the top-left corner in relation to its parent container
  • Y - the vertical coordinate of the top-left corner in relation to its parent container
  • OnClick - used to trigger a script that runs when the label is clicked *

* These properties are only available to admin users.

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    • mmayer
    • mmayer
    • 7 mths ago
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    Are there plans to implement ability to change the color of the label?

    • mmayer Currently, no. A label's text changes from white to black depending on its background color.