Upgrading Canary Software (version 23)

  • updated 8 mths ago

In general, upgrading Canary software is as simple as installing over top of the previous version*. Please contact support@canarylabs.com or your Canary representative if you need the installer. The latest release may also be requested by visiting https://info.canarylabs.com/upgrade. A silent install is also available upon request (Silent Install Option).

*If updating from a beta version to an official release that have the same versioning number (i.e. to an uninstall is required prior to installing the latest.

If applicable, see Upgrading from a Pre-21.4 Version before proceeding.

It is recommended to run the install as an administrator. When the install window appears, the user should see all of the components that are currently installed with a checkmark next to them. If no changes are needed, simply select 'Install'.

The window will display a green Success when finished. If the install is unsuccessful, a CanaryInstall.log will be generated which can be sent to support@canarylabs.com for further analysis.

During the install process all configuration, licensing, and historical data is maintained.

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