Wonderware (AVEVA) historian to Canary? Options?

I've been tasked with collecting Wonderware Galaxy Objects' process values into Canary via a Wonderware/AVEVA historian data source.

I know the AVEVA historian has a SQL interface, but I suspect that the throughput of current value SQL queries through a linked server wrapper will have bandwidth limitations.

Has anyone here connected to a Wonderware Galaxy before? 
What methods have you seen utilized?
Has there been a neat API trick utilized perhaps?
I'm looking for a bag of tricks to try.    


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  • Hi drickerson

    I reached out to one of our partners who has worked with WW and according to him, WW has a product called OI Gateway that exposes Galaxy Tags via OPC. That will be all the values, but not the Metadata like TrendLo, TrendHi, Description and EngUnits. You would also have to create tags manually should more tags gets added in the Galaxy.

    Hope this helps.

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    • David Rickerson
    • SCADA/Automation Dude
    • drickerson
    • 1 yr ago
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    I discovered that more recent (2020?) versions of Wonderware Appserver now have an OPC UA service that exposes all of the WW objects and current values.

    Do you have any tools that scan OPC UA sources for changes to automatically allow for auto-tag construction?

    Manually tagging/instancing a large object set sounds very intensive.

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