Option to filter raw/processed data

In Canary's Excel Add-In, we would like to be able to get the raw or processed data for one tag based on a filter expression. For example, I want to see the values of RSX-02.FIT-SX02-432 (a flow transmitter) when RSX-02.RSX02-OXIDE-STAGE-EN is active. 

Using an AdHoc event, I can get when RSX-02.RSX02-OXIDE-STAGE-EN is active:

Starts At Ends At
4/29/24 12:40:28.675 AM 4/29/24 10:30:00.785 AM

and use that start and end date/time to pull the values of RSX-02.FIT-SX02-432 like this 1 min processed data example: 

4/29/2024 12:40:28.675 AM 0.123964185
4/29/2024 12:41:28.675 AM 0.115863859
4/29/2024 12:42:28.675 AM 0.138406595
4/29/2024 12:43:28.675 AM 0.119875866
4/29/2024 12:44:28.675 AM 0.127606839
4/29/2024 12:45:28.675 AM 0.147458285
4/29/2024 12:46:28.675 AM 14.14682209
4/29/2024 12:47:28.675 AM 125.0004453
4/29/2024 12:48:28.675 AM 124.973088
4/29/2024 12:49:28.675 AM 124.9612462
4/29/2024 12:50:28.675 AM 124.91601

but that isn't a great solution (two steps and not sure how it would work in case of multiple events). While I might be able to do this by setting up a calculation in Canary Admin, I don't know in advance all the times/tags where they might want to do this so that doesn't seem like a great fit either. 

If Canary's Excel Add-in offered some sort of "filter by" option in the dialog of the raw/processed data buttons, that could be a good solution.

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