PoC to a Chemical Industry

Recently we did a PoC to one of our customers using Axiom, where they were impressed by Canary's speed and the multi Y-axis (as you can see there are a lots) capability. Therse comprise of their CTQ data for every batch. Customer is keen to view multiple batches super-imposed on each other with the horizantal axis as cycle time instead of time series, for which we are working on a custom application, which reads data from Canary via api calls.

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  • That's a lot of trends!  Always amazes me that an engineer or operator can look at those displays and pick out actionable data.  We've seen some uses where there are over 120 trends on a single chart.

    • Jeff Knepper Very true. The customer asked to showcase the capability of the tool and was surprised with the flexibility of Axiom. We are submitting a proposal right now with their custom requirements for multi-batch trending and timeseries trending as well.