Using DataEntry to Flag Assets

I've used the Asset Template to display all known assets of 'Wells' in my simulation.  Then I used a filter on the Asset Template to show me only those wells that are outside spec. 

To the right of the trends is the Data Entry control.  This control has been linked to a tag that exists at each well named 'WellStatus_md'.  As a well engineer examines each well, they may update the tag from a value of 0 to a value of 1 to clear the well from their list, or a value of 2 to indicate that the well needs additional attention.

At the end of each shift, a report is generated that includes all wells marked as a 2.  These nightly reports are archived on the Canary server as well as distributed via email.

Each night at midnight, the 'WellStatus_md' tag resets back to 0, thus resetting the wells and providing for the next day's workflow to begin.

I've included a video of me using the application.


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