Site Diagnostics

This diagnostic screen provides information about the main assets found at the site, pumps and tanks.  

It is built by assigning the asset type of a site to the main screen using the modal asset swap feature.  An asset label is used at top left to display the current site info 'Finch.Site 3'.  A navigation button at top right will return the user to a full list of all sites.

Two Asset Template controls are used.  The one on the right will discover and display all known pump instances.  Since each site has various numbers of pumps, this allows for universal application no matter how many pumps a site has.  Each pump shows a trend chart as well as a series of linear gauges and value boxes for further data context.

Tank details are provided using spark charts for level and temperature data, as well as a series of stats on the temperature values over several periods of time.  Finally, a tank symbol graphic and linear gauge help illustrate current level.

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