Axiom Script - Finding the Value of a Tag at a Given Time Using the DateTimePicker

The following code snippet can be used to update the AggregateStartTime of a ValueBox using the OnDateTimeChange function of the DateTimePicker.

        public void DateTimePicker1_OnDateTimeChange(object sender, DateTime dateTime)
            string startTime = dateTime.ToString("o");
            ValueBox1.AggregateStartTime = startTime;
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  • Hi Steve, I remember the DateTimePicker as a Tool up to V20. Where can I find the DateTimePicker on V22.1.2? 

    • fxbaggio I might misunderstand the question but I would say you can find it as a control option for applications in Axiom through a web browser. 

  • The DateTime Picker is only available to Admin users. There would be an asterisk (*) next to your username in the top-right corner if you are an admin user as indicated in James Wise screenshot. To be an admin user, you must be included on the ALLOW list within the Canary Admin>Admin tile>Access tab.