Store and Forward Buffer

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Canary’s store and forward (SaF) provides for local buffering of data should the historian server be offline or the network connecting the data collector and the historian is interrupted.


Q: Is there a limit in the amount of data Canary can buffer?

A: Canary will buffer the data to local disk. Data will continue to buffer until no more than 1024 MB of disk space remains.

Q: What happens if the limit is reached?

A: Once the disk space limit has been reached, no new records will buffer.

Q: Where is the data buffered?

A: Data is written to disk and stored in the C:\ProgramData\Canary Labs\Sender\Buffer\ directory.

Q: If electrical power is interrupted while buffering data, is that data lost?

A: Since data is written to disk, rather than stored in memory, the data will persist, even if power is lost to the machine.

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