Sending Data through an OWL Data Diode over MQTT

  • updated 9 mths ago

The following article illustrates the configuration needed to send data through OWL's data diode. OWL's diode has an MQTT plugin that allows it to connect to an MQTT broker on both the send and receive side. This MQTT protocol adapter must be enabled. Therein, two brokers are needed for this configuration to work - one one each side of the diode. The Canary Publisher will push data to the broker on the send side, and the Canary MQTT Collector will subscribe to the broker on the receive side. Below is the configuration for each.

Publisher Configuration


MQTT Collector Configuration

Note, the topic that the collector is subscribing to is the same topic to which the Publisher is writing to. When subscribing to a topic using the SparkplugB spec, the collector should subscribe no further than the Node level. For example,

  • Good: spBv1.0/Canary/+/Owl/#
  • Bad: spBv1.0/Canary/+/Owl/Test/#
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