Tag Properties (version 23)

  • updated 8 mths ago

The 'Tag Properties' function returns the properties and property values for a set of tags. A tag can have any number of properties defined by the logging source or coming from an external database.

A reference to a range of cells containing a list of tag names typically generated by the Tag List function. This range is automatically set to the cells that are pre-selected when the button for this function is selected. The range can be adjusted by editing the range or selecting a new range of cells then clicking the 'Set' button. Adjusting the input range will automatically update the output location.

This option transposes the output columns and rows.

This is the location where the output will be written to. It is the cell in the upper left corner of the result. The number of cells needed for the result will depend on the input parameters. The number of columns and rows returned is dependent on the number of tags and display fields. The default output location cell is set to the cell just below the left most cell of the input range (if the input range is horizontal) or just to the right of the top most cell of the input range (if the input range is vertical.)

When using input parameters referencing other cells, if the input cell changes it will automatically update the resulting data.

The Input Pane can be closed at any time by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. To re-open the Pane, click on the Canary Ribbon "Tag Properties" button. If the cell containing an existing Canary function has the focus and the user selects the corresponding function button from the Canary Ribbon, the input controls in the Pane will be set according to the parameters of the Canary function.

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