Tag List (version 23)

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A 'Tag List' is a generated list of tags that will be used as the input for other functions in the Add-in, such as:

  • Tag Properties
  • Tag Data Context
  • Raw Data
  • Processed Data
  • Value At
  • Last Value


Search Path

The 'Search Path' starts at the root, and allows the user to select a specific view by clicking the drop-down menu. The first 1000 tags will automatically be displayed in the 'Filtered Tags in Search Path' list. Once a view is selected, the user can then choose to drill down further by clicking on the next available branch, if applicable. When one level of the search path is selected, following levels will automatically appear as you drill down. You can back up to any level by clicking on the previous search path node.

Search Filter

The 'Search Filter' will return any tags containing the keyword(s) separated by spaces. If a keyword begins with "!", tags containing that keyword will be removed from the list. In the screenshot above, only those tags containing "alpha" and NOT "ramp" are returned. Keywords are not case-sensitive.

Output Vertically

Check this box to create a vertical tag list. Checking/Unchecking this box will also cause the output rows and columns to be swapped in other functions.

Output Location

The location of where the tag list will be written to. It is the cell in the upper left corner of the result. This function will return one row/column of tags. The default output location is set to the cell that has focus when the 'Tag List' button is selected. To change the location, the user can edit the text box or select a new cell then click the 'Set' button.

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