Cursor/Delta/Zoom/Annotate Modes (version 21)

The mouse icon at the top of the chart allows the user to switch between the different modes:

  • Cursor
  • Delta
  • Zoom
  • Annotate

Cursor Mode

This is the default mode that allows users to select and change settings within the chart.

Delta Mode

In this mode, the user can click-and-drag to find the difference between the stop and start of the interval selected. This difference can be left to right, or right to left.

  • Delta = [click-release] - [initial click]

Zoom Mode

In this mode, the user can click-and-drag to zoom in to a particular time frame. When doing so, the interval on the time bar will update with the new time range. The user can continue to zoom in using the click-and-drag method, or click the "back" button next to the time interval to go back to the previous time interval.

Annotate Mode

In this mode, the user can click on a trend to add an annotation. These annotations are attached to the tag and stored in the historian along with an audit trail of who created it and at what time. Since they are attached to the tags, the annotations will appear in any chart containing those tags. They are not specific to a chart. The user can then 'DELETE' or 'UPDATE' the annotations as needed.


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