Chart Menu (version 21)


  • Open - opens the OPEN CHART menu
  • Save As - opens the SAVE CHART menu
  • New Chart - create a new chart
  • New Application - create a new application


  • Options - opens the CHART OPTIONS menu to configure general chart settings
  • Cursor - opens the CURSOR OPTIONS menu to configure which attributes  to be displayed when scrolling the cursor across the chart
  • Legend - opens the LEGEND OPTIONS menu to configure the display type and which attributes to be displayed in the legend
  • Float Label - opens the FLOAT LABEL OPTIONS menu to configure which attributes to be displayed when float labels are enabled for tags in the chart
  • Export Data - opens the EXPORT menu to generate a CSV file of the data within the chart
  • Statistics - opens the STATISTICS menu to provide general statistical analysis of the data within the chart (e.g. standard deviation, quartiles, and mean average)


  • Error Log - toggles the Error Log on and off at the bottom of the screen if there are errors to be displayed
  • Playback - opens the Playback mode to allow the user to "replay" the chart from a point in time at a given rate
  • Reports - opens the AUTOMATED REPORTS menu for users to generate reports of saved charts or applications
  • Tutorials - opens the TUTORIALS menu containing information for different components of Axiom
  • About - version info
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