Add Trends Menu (version 21)

The 'ADD TRENDS' menu can be accessed by clicking the '+' icon on the toolbar at the top of screen.



The left side of the menu contains the server name of the Views service to which the Axiom core is communicating with, along with the "views" (CanaryHistorian, Facility, and Pumps) residing underneath it. By default, the Axiom core will be pointed to the Views service located on the 'localhost'. If the user wishes to point Axiom to a Views service on a different historian server, select the "gear" icon in the top-right corner.*

*This is only needed if the Views service and Axiom service are installed on separate servers.

In the screenshot above, 'CanaryHistorian' is the raw historian view. 'Facility' and 'Pumps' are "virtual views" built on top of the raw historian view. A Views service can have any number of "virtual views", but only one raw historian view.


Tags on the right side of the menu will populate and refresh as different branches are selected on the left. The tags listed will be those of the particular branch selected and any of its sub-nodes. If the user wishes to only see the tags at that particular level or branch, select the "gear" icon in top-right and uncheck 'Include Sub-Nodes'. Within this menu the user can also choose to 'Include Properties'. In which case, the properties of tags will be displayed along with the tags in the list.


Tags can be added to the chart one at a time or in groups. There is also the option of "Shift+Click" to select a range of tags. Once the tags are selected, click 'ADD' or 'ADD & CLOSE'.


The taglist can be filtered using keywords separated by spaces in the 'Search' bar. It is NOT case-sensitive. If multiple keywords are used, only the tags containing ALL of the keywords will be returned. There is also the option of excluding keywords using a "!". For example, the following search will include all tags that contain "pump", "flow", and not "1".


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