Logger Tile (version 23)

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The 'Logger' tile is a simple interface for configuring the Canary Logger service which is used for running the Logger Administrator. The Logger Administrator, otherwise known as the OPC DA Collector, is a separate administrative client used to configure a connection to an OPC DA server.

Configuration Screen

Run As - drop down list of how the process should run

  • Service - the Canary Logger will run as a service upon startup (common)
  • Interactive User - the CanaryLogger.exe will run using the credentials of the current user. If arguments are configured they will be added to a shortcut for CLIHistStart.exe and placed in the Startup folder to be executed at logon. (uncommon)

Arguments - filepath of the .lcf (logger configuration file) the service will open when starting. The lcf is created using the Logger Administrator.

  • Example: "C:\Historian Data\Sample Data.lcf"

More than one lcf file can be listed if creating multiple logging sessions within the Logger Administrator. If the files exist in the same directory, only the filename is required for additional sessions. Filenames should be separated by a space and require double quotes if they contain a space.

  • Example: "C:\Historian Data\Sample Data.lcf" Session1.lcf "Session 2.lcf"

Additionally, a delay can be built into the arguments field if the OPC server requires more time to start before the Logger connects. Delay is measured in seconds.

  • Example: /delay:30 "C:\Historian Data\Sample Data.lcf"


For more information on how to set up a logging session using the Logger Administrator, see How to Configure the OPC DA Collector.

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