Licenses Tile (version 23)

  • updated 9 mths ago

The 'Licenses' tile is where users can license all of their Canary software. All licensing is server-based; therefore, clients do not need to license anything on their client machines.

Licenses Screen


When the tile is initially opened, the local licenses are displayed by product name along with the serial number, quantity of that particular license, maximum tags (Canary Historian only), and maximum users (Axiom only). If the license is subscription-based, the license will show Temporary and display the number of days remaining.

Add License Manually

If the server does not have internet access, the license must be installed manually using the 'License Code' that is generated. The license can be pulled by visiting https://canarylabs.com/support/license and providing the required information including the license code. Once the license is requested, a license key will be generated which the user can then insert into the 'License Key' field.

Add License Through Internet

If the server does have internet access, the license can be pulled using the Admin by filling in the appropriate information then selecting 'Get License'.

For more information on licensing visit https://helpcenter.canarylabs.com/category/licensing-v23.

When pulling a license it is important to note that this will replace the existing license that may already be present on the system. It does NOT add to the quantity of the licenses.

The Server tab and the Transfer and Configuration screens have been deprecated and are no longer needed as they were used for legacy products.

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