MQTT collector - stops logging whole nodes with zero warnings or errors


We've had this happen on at least two occasions now. The MQTT collector suddenly stops logging a while Sparkplug B edge node's tag. We're supposed to collect around 5,4k tags from 3 edge-nodes at the moment, but the collector suddenly has stopped logging two of the edge-nodes. 

(6,3k tags enabled for logging in the collector)


Currently collecting just 1,7k. And we have lost data from two of the nodes. 

I also see that Canary has not issued any rebirth requests in a long time (several weeks). I think perhaps these two things may be related. 

There are no related warnings or alarms to this happening. 

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  • Hi jon. forbord ,

    Can you open a ticket with support@canarylabs.com concerning this matter? We may need more information including your message log.


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