Axion email notification function

We use the event email notification function with a lot of our customers as a process alarm function to notify them of unusual or out of limits process activity.  We've been doing it for years and it works fairly well.  We typically set up a generic Gmail account for the customer and bounce the Axion alarm messages through that.  Google recently quit supporting "Access to less secure apps".  This has broken this Axiom feature at several customer sites. 

Most of our customers do NOT have internal mail servers, they use outside service provides for their email.  I suspect I will run into a similar problem with other SPs if I try to use an email provided by the customer - if not now, eventually as everyone will probably end up following Google's lead o security.  Even if I do use a customer supplied email (that is NOT provided by an internal email server) it will devolve into an IT support death spiral as described above that I don't want to be involved in.  I really need Axiom to look like a "more secure" app to make Gmail security happy somehow.  

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