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I run into a SSL certification problem on my Web API. Pls see the capture I took. The https web API endpoint has been opened. The certification which I used is valid and I use it on the Axiom which is working great.

I tried to test the Web API with Google browser remotely. I type the URL: "https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxx:55236/help", and the web API do reply the request to me. However, the SSL certification is invalid. Once I request the token by my python base program, the program will be interrupted by the SSL issue. How do I let the Web API get my certification correctly?

P.S. I manually open the 55236 port on the firewall, otherwise there didn't have any default firewall port for Web API to use. One last things, My Canary Administrator version is


Best regards, Willis

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  • Hi willis ,

    The certificate that Canary generates is a self-signed certificate so it is not a trusted certificate. You may need to install a trusted certificate on the Canary machine and configure the Views service to use that one instead, unless there is a way to ignore the SSL verification process within your script. Even when you browse to "https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxx:55236/help" I can see that it is not trusted from your screenshot. I think the only way around it is to install a trusted cert.

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      Hi Steve Mason ,

      I do installing a certificate which the certificate authority send back to me. The attached image shows there is a certificate under the "personal" folder. Although, I select the store name to "personal" and type my certificate name into subject name. However, I don't know why my Canary Administrator will still get a self-signed certificate...

  • Hi willis ,

    Just to share the possible solution to this. You may use FindByThumbprint to specify which certificate to be used if you have more than one certs on your computer. 

    Hope this works for you. Cheers.

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  • @willis,

    If this is for the API, you should be configuring the Views service to use this cert under Views tile>Configuration tab. Once you point it to the new cert using SubjectName or Thumbprint, you should be able to click the "INFO" button and verify it is using that cert.

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