Next Release - V24

  • updated 5 mths ago


Clients will have the ability to push a license back onto the Canary License server to be used for another installment.


Automated Reports will be able to include multiple screens into a single report. Screens can come from multiple applications.


Calculation sender sessions will be combined into a single sender session.

Users will have the option of backfilling a range of data without having to start over from the initial backfill time.

Store & Forward

A new Store & Forward service that will run alongside the current Sender/Receiver services. Collectors running on v24 will use the new service.

Collectors that cannot create DataSets dynamically will be able to using the new S&F service.

Identity Service

This is a new service which consolidates all other Canary services' login and security settings. This will also allow for easier SSO implementations in the use of Axiom, the Canary Admin, ODBC, and the Excel Add-in by providing support for other identity providers outside of Windows AD.

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