How to Configure the CSV Collector (version 21)

  • updated 2 yrs ago

There are two files that need created/configured upon installing the CSV Collector:

  • SAF_ImportService.config
  • SAF_Import.config


The service config file is located C:\Program Files\Canary\Collectors\CSV by default. Below is an example of how it is configured where

  • Interval = (seconds) how often the service checks the input directory for new CSV files to process
  • InputDirectory = the filepath of the directory the service will monitor for CSV files. (*Multiple input directories can be listed.)
    <InputDirectory>C:\CSV Import</InputDirectory>


The 'SAF_Import.config' will need to be created and must reside in every directory specified in the InputDirectory parameter from above. This config file tells the service how to interpret the CSV files that will be placed in the directory to be processed. As CSV files can vary with different formats, there are over 30 parameters to choose from to match the file's particular structure. (See Canary CSV Collector Configuration.pdf above for these parameters.)

    <ProcessedDirectory>C:\CSV Import\Processed</ProcessedDirectory>


If any change is made to either one of these files, the service will need restarted to pick up these changes.

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