Canary Ignition Historian Module - Power Chart Data Loading

Any tips or tricks for when data is slow to load in Ignition's Perspective Power Chart?


We are experiencing where the chart did not display the Canary Historian tags to be selected for trending for 10+ minutes when generally they are available right away. Is there a way to force a refresh on the connection?

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  • In testing this I've noticed a similar behavior with the first trend added to the Power Chart.  As soon as I add a second trend, the first one shows up along with the second.  I've submitted a support ticket to determine whether it is a symptom of the Canary Module.  Will update on this thread.

  • I have also seen problems with the Ignition Perspective power chart tag browser and Canary historian tags.  The tag browser shows a folder for the Canary tag provider.  But sometimes you cannot expand the folder to see the folders and tags underneath.  This happens quite frequently.  I know of two ways to make it work again:

    1. Restart the Canary module from the Ignition gateway.

    2. From the Ignition gateway, delete the Canary tag provider and then recreate it with the same name.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks

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