OPC UA Collector Group Gone


I added additional tags following the Mass Tag Edit method to an existing session group of the OPC Collector module. In doing so, I received no errors, was prompted to Apply, was prompted that a small gap would occur to commit the changes, ok, and then my entire group went missing.

The group existed for the last year and is now gone after adding tags in bulk.

Other groups allowed for a single ‘copy’ and ‘paste new’ action no problem, but I’d really like to work at scale.

I was able to capture a video, not of the first disappearance, but my best ability to recreate the problem.

Ticket# 3748

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  • Hi wbaker ,

    This is a known bug that will be fixed in the next release, 22.2. In the meantime, you might be able to modify the .ocf file under the covers. This is the config file where the logging session is stored. These, by default, are located in C:\ProgramData\Canary\OPC Collector.

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  • Hey Steve Mason ,

    Modifying the .ocf file worked great and allowed for quick bulk additions of tags, thank you! I do look forward to the update though.

    • wbaker Great to hear!

      There's a chance that bug fix may come sooner than later. If you haven't already, you can "Follow" the Canary System Release Notes so you are alerted when the next release is available.

  • Is this bug still open?  We've been experiencing it the past few weeks as we startup our Canary Historian for the first time.  I was going thru the System Release Notes, but haven't found one that lists the bug as fixed yet.

    • patch. hyland 

      This particular bug was resolved in v22.1.2. See https://helpcenter.canarylabs.com/t/y4hndcq/release-v22-1-2. If you're still seeing an issue, please open a support ticket with support@canarylabs.com so that we can investigate further.

    • Thanks Steve Mason .  If it was fixed, how are we still experiencing that issue when using v22.3.2?  I already have a support ticket open that I'm working.

    • patch. hyland Steve Mason I also experienced a similar issue last week when I was performing a bulk edit in the OPC UA collector . I mass added about 100 tags, after applying the changes, all the new edits were gone like they were never added before. 

    • yudong. zhang 

      Were you adding tags through the Browse menu or just pasting them in from a spreadsheet? Any details you can provide is helpful.

    • Steve Mason 

      I was adding tags through the Browse menu. After clicking Apply and Ok button in the Browser menu, I saw the total tag number increased. However, after clicking the APPLY button to save the changes to the OPC collector configuration, the new edits were not saved at all, like I mentioned in the previous post, all the new edits were gone like they were never added before. 

    • yudong. zhang What version are you using? I am able to add 100+ tags without issue. Also, it may be helpful to know that if you need to revert back to a previous configuration, we save backup files in C:\ProgramData\Canary\OPC Collector. Just look for the particular session name and rename the file extension from .bak to .ocf. You would need to restart the OPC Collector service to pick up this change.

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