Goal: Axiom dashboard with expected quantity for week to date or other time periods

What do we have:

  • A tag that tells us when an operator is logged on or not
  • A tag that tells us what material the machine is running at that time
  • A file with ideal rate per material
  • A calculation I made in Canary Admin that uses the switch function with the material ID to return the ideal rate per hour
  • An Axiom dashboard with actual quantity produced for week to date or other time periods


  • An operator could log off or on at any time
  • The material a machine is running could change at any time

I started by trying to make a calculated tag in Canary that was setup with a 1 minute periodic frequency that checked if the operator was logged on >0.5 minutes and if so returned 1 (otherwise 0) and then multiplied that by the ideal rate. I then used the desired aggregatestarttime and interval with aggregatekind = sum. This kind of worked BUT the calculation didn’t log the value every minute and only logged when the result changed compared to the previous value so I didn’t have a value every minute to sum up. I don’t know that this approach was the best one to use even if it had worked but it was something I tried.

I’m going to think about this further but if anyone has done something like this or has suggestions, comments, etc…, all feedback is appreciated.

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  • Hi James Wise ,

    Would it make sense to use the DurationInStateNonZero instead?

  • FYI: Kind of complicated but I think we got it. If anyone else has a similar need and wants to discuss, just let me know. Thanks Steve Mason for your help!

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