Better way to know what computer is using Axiom

Right now when you go to the Axiom tile it does not give any indication of where the axiom client is being used.

Need an easy way to identify where the clients are being consumed so we can free up licenses easily if someone is using a client that shouldn't be.

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  • Give the 'Audit' tab a try at the bottom or the Axiom tile.  From here you can see all unique clients, the current application or chart they are viewing, as well as a connected start time and a disconnected time if applicable.

  • Thanks still not really helpful in an RDS environment. We have redundant RDS servers using thin clients and when it fails over, the axiom licenses need to be switched as well. Unless you know what Application / Trend the screens were using there is no way to tell which ones need to be freed up to open them on RDS2.

    Currently, we have to go into the RDS and know what user the thin client was using and sign that user out and wait for the license to free up. Not sure what the timeout is but seems like a few minutes.

  • Let's get a call scheduled with our dev folks and see if we can work out a solution. Mind emailing me? jknepper@canarylabs.com

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