Total line for asset template (or for a grid using an asset type)

We used asset template and grid controls to show information for multiple assets individually and this works well. Is there a way to have a total of a column at the bottom? I understand a complication here is Axiom knowing how to calculate the total (I mean sum, average, etc....) but first off I'm not sure if/how a total line can be generated at all. I also tried just making a calculation that would sum a column (where that column was valuebox 2, 16, 30, ........ through 408 (30 assets where between each asset row, the value box number incremented by 14) but I didn't immediately have luck there either. Maybe scripting could do it, but I'm not sure.  

A simple example but in case a picture helps:

I'm right now trying to do this in an Axiom application but I guess I might could consider using Excel (and the Canary add-in for it) instead. 

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