Data at 6am


Im creating a grid that will have 1 column of live data and 7 columns of previous data at 6am.


if I use ‘now-1d’ I get the live value from a day ago. What operation would allow me to get the data specifically at 6am of the previous day?

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  • Hi wbaker ,

    You would use "d-1d+6h" to get to yesterday at 6am.

  • Hey Steve, thank you! Can you share any documentation or what language I can google to learn more about this?

    • So these are just relative datetimes. In my example, the first "d" normalizes the timestamp to the beginning of the day, then I subtract 1 day then add 6 hours. If you have Axiom open and hit F1, that will bring up our Tutorials section where you can select "Relative DateTime" for more info.

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