Planned Development

Items the Canary development team are currently working on or considering for future releases.  Note, items on this list are not in any particular order nor do they constitute guarantees of future product development.  

Ideas and feedback for other development items are welcomed in the FEEDBACK section :-)

Canary System: Linux Support

Working towards offering the ability to run Canary services in Linux environments

Axiom: Copy/Paste Functionality

The ability to copy and paste controls across different screens or possibly across applications


Calculation sender sessions will be combined into 1 sender session instead of 1 for each calculation (v24).

Store & Forward

A new Store & Forward service that will run alongside the current Sender/Receiver services. Collectors running on v24 will use the new service.


Clients will have the ability to push a license back onto the Canary License server to be used for another installment (v24).

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