Using Views Diagnostics (version 22)

The Views service can be monitored by launching the application Canary Admin, selecting the Views tile, and clicking 'Diagnostics' from the bottom menu.  Additionally, several Views diagnostic tags are also captured within the historian.This diagnostic screen features two windows, 'ACTIVITY' and 'CLIENTS'.  Additionally, the bottom Status bar displays useful Views statistics.

Within this window is a table that includes the following:

  • NAME - the name of the client connected to the Views.
  • LICENSE - an indicator of the allowable license count.
  • IN USE - the number of  licenses actively in use.
  • MAXIMUM USED - the maximum number of licenses concurrently used since the Views service was last started.
  • TOTAL ISSUED - the total count of each licensed type that has been issued, released, and reused since the Views service was last started.
  • TOTAL DENIED - the count of license requests denied due to a license seat not being available since the Views service was last started.

Within this window is a table displaying information about the active clients currently connected to the Views service, including:

  • APPLICATION - The type of client application currently connected to the Views service.
  • USER - Username of the user the client is running under or machine name the client is running on.
  • TYPE - Name of the license type being used.
  • ACTIVE - True if the connection is actively making requests to the View service.
  • FROM - Timestamp when the connection was established.
  • THRU - Timestamp of the last request.
  • REQUESTS - Total count of requests made since the connection was established.

Displays useful statistics about the Views service, including:

  • START TIME - Time when the Views service last started.
  • UP TIME - Length of time the Views service has been running since the last start.
  • VERSION - The version of the Views service where the Canary Admin is currently connected.

In addition to the information displayed on the Diagnostics page, more Views service related diagnostic tags are written automatically to the {Diagnostics} DataSet.  These include:

  • APICallCount/min
  • AxiomCallCount
  • AxiomLiveCallCount
  • AxiomLiveMax-ms
  • AxiomLivePixelMax-ms
  • AxiomTotalTVQS
  • CPU Usage
  • GetRawCount
  • GetRawMax-ms
  • TotalConnections/min
  • TotalTVQs/min
  • Working Set Memory

For additional Views diagnostics tags, the Diagnostic Health System can be enabled through the Admin tile>Settings tab. These include:

  • CpuLoad%
  • CurrentClientCount
  • ErrorCount
  • IsRunning
  • MemoryUsage%
  • RequestsLastMinute
  • TVQsLastMinute
  • ViewCount
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