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For demo purposes, I want to host a small Canary historian app (500 tags) in Vultr. Here are the requirements that I found.


The most perplexing for me is the Windows 10. I will be running on servers and I want to know if there are any restrictions on using the different versions Windows Server o Ubuntu.

Also, what would be the minimum in terms of cores, RAM, disk space for the Historian? Collector and Sender? While not ideal could I just run the Collector and Sender on the same VM as the Historian? Maybe just add another core and 1GB.

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  • Hi Mike! Our Canary software is Windows-based. We do have one collector still in development that will be able to be installed on a Linux server, but that is the only exception. With that being said, Canary supports Windows Server 2012 and newer. Our company policy is to maintain support for the operating systems that Microsoft currently supports.

    As far as minimum requirements go, you could probably get away with dual core and 8 GB of RAM provided you are not flexing every aspect of the software (i.e. Virtual Views, Calculations, Events). A safer bet would be quad core and 16 GB of RAM, especially if you wish to have the Collector(s) on the same box, which is completely fine. We have several instances of our software running in this environment. The disk space is harder to predict as it depends on what data types you are storing, the rate at which the data is being polled, and how frequently the data changes (as we only log by exception). Being that it is a demo system, you can configure the historian to delete data after a set amount of time, in which case, you wouldn't need a lot of disk space. A 100 GB hard drive would easily store a year's worth of data for 500 tags updating every second.

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      Steve Mason Thank you very much.

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