Trigger Webservice/API call when tag value changes

Not sure we need/want this but checking our options..... We have a packing line connected to Canary. There is a photo eye on that line towards the end. When a case breaks that eye, we want to trigger SAP to print a ticket for the case. Let's assume Canary also has the case ID available which is the only variable parameter for the call. We have webservices (I think the term is REST or SOAP but I'm not that familiar with the technical side there) and also are starting to use Mulesoft for some things. So, I think we have several possible options for what to call on our side IF Canary could potentially trigger something. Maybe using the event option in Canary or something else, not sure. Just looking for a high level idea of might there be a way to do this or not. 

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  • Hi James Wise ,

    Our events are all conditioned-based. There would need to be a tag for us to monitor that we could then trigger off of such as a Boolean.

    • Steve Mason Thank you. We do have a tag we could trigger off of. There's a photo eye the case passes. When that goes active (I haven't added the tag yet but let's assume when it goes from 0 to 1 we want to trigger) we would want to fire the webservice/API call. Just looking for options now. Would there be a way to have an event or something in Canary that triggers such a call?

    • James Wise We don't have anything that would actually trigger the API request. We could create an event in our Calcs & Event service, but this would just get stored in a local SQLite database. We also have the ability to store properties with the event which could possibly include the case ID if that tag is available as well.

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