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Currently when you send an event notification it sends the name and time it occurred.  This appears in the events table in axiom and adds the end time and duration and the value of any properties defined.  Can it also include properties on the initial notification (ie for a high pressure event it sends a notification at the start - include the value that triggered it and a related value, and then same info when the event has completed).  If you send in a report you can only send on event completion and attach a report image, the properties defined are not included in the body of the email.

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  • This might not be correct so take care with it and try it out and it may not fully be what you are after regardless but just in case it helps.....

    I have an event that fires when a machine stops. I want to log the reason it stopped. I have a calculation for the reason (that looks at what tags are set to indicate why it stopped). I was getting some events where stop description was "running". I figured the problem might be that it was logging the "stop reason" after the machine had started running again. By changing the event property to use "startbound" I SEEM to have gotten what I wanted. There's an endbound as well so maybe you could add both (which I haven't tried).

  • Hi darlene. fletcher

    Starting in v22.1, you will be able to template the email notification when the event occurs and also when the event concludes. Event Properties may only be used in the concluding email, but you can include current values of tags in the initial email, provided they are set to a variable name. There is a brief preview about it here https://helpcenter.canarylabs.com/t/m1hkbpz/next-release-v22-1.

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