Create a template of display

I have several sites with the same variable names. Only the site name changes.
I'd like to create a display template where I only have to change the site name. The rest of the variable would come automatically. Is it possible to do this with canary labs?

Thank you for helping me

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  • Hi thomas. ragon ,

    It sounds like you need to create a Virtual View and declare a "Site" asset within that view. We use RegEx (Regular Expressions) rules  to parse and dictate what these assets are. There are Model rules to actually change the structure of the tagpath and there are Asset rules to actually declare what the assets are. Typically, you would use Model rules first to get the structure and naming convention that you want, then use Asset rules. If the raw tag structure and naming convention is already what you want, then you would just need to use Asset rules. Here is an example of a simple view where I have Company, District, Station, Pump, and Tower assets. We use a period to indicate a new node or branch within the hierarchy so my tagpath is [Company.District.Station.Pump.TagMetric].

    The first 4 rules in the view are Model rules for removing/replacing parts of the tag structure I don't want. The last 5 rules are the Asset rules where I am determining what each branch in the hierarchy should be. These rules are enacted in order.

    If you're not familiar with RegEx, there are some good online sources for learning as it is its own type of language.

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